Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Style Scout: Teen Queens

The age of the lifeless mannequin strutting down the runway is long gone, for all hail these nouveau age models who have established their own style off the runway, breaking boldly out of the mould. Everyone once admired models for their beauty, their slimness and their mile-long legs. One more should be added to this list – personal style! While some keep it simple with basics such as cardigans and black skinny jeans, others go for daring dos, experimenting with fur and leggings.

Some of the teen models who are on their way to stardom are also style-makers on the rise, moving and shaking the streets of fashion week in their stylish ensembles.

First, there's 18 year old Ali Michael. As sweet as she may appear to be, her tough rocker style is the exact opposite. Many models arm themselves with a leather biker jacket, just like Ali does, but somehow she seems to pull it off well cos of this innocent face of hers.

How can one not mention Jourdan Dunn when it comes to discussing teen models? One of the freshest faces in the scene, Jourdan establishes a cute, youthful style which is rare among models nowadays. I must say her style isn't as consistent as theabovementioned, but she's one to watch in the next few seasons to come!

Next comes Chanel Iman whom teens are so familiar with. Known for her boho-chic street style, she never fails to channel this rocker vibe that took the fashion world by storm. At events, she opts for youthful, sexy frocks. Needless to say, she's one of my favourites!
Last but not least, 17 year old Irina Kulikova is fast becoming one of my favourites. Though it seems to me that her style is very much similar to Lily Donaldson, Irina wins when it comes to experimentation.


  1. I like Jourdan Dunn and Irina Kulikova too, something about their faces keeps you staring, mesmerised.

    I wonder if they will have the personality to become stars though. It does help that they have cool dress sense.

    Btw thanks for your friendly comment on my blog, have added you to blog roll too :)

  2. Irina Kulikova is so beautiful, she is extraordinary.
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