Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fresh Spreads: Fall Foliage

Vogue Beauty China January 2009
Red Fever
Ph: Ben Hassett
Model: Ali Stephens

Full Editorial (source): The Fashion Spot
I was seriously blown away by the breathtaking autumn foliage in this editorial! This really is one of the best beauty editorials I've seen in Vogue -- how the makeup and outfits go with the scenery, the perfect choice of All-american beauty Ali Stephens to pull of such a sleek idea, and the flawless composition of every shot. I really like the usage of hot red lips and a palette of reddish-blue eye colour in order that a wholesome effect is produced, that is the dark navy blue outfits in contrast to the ravishing red foliage in the background. In all, this editorial has captured autumn at its richest.

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  1. totally in love with this editorial. i have this issue with me, the shot of her in red lips is absolutely gorgeous!