Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let the Ad out of the bag: THUMBS UP of the season PART I

The composition, the colours, perfect and flawless...
My personal FAVE: MISSONI

This ad looks like a page out of an editorial that features fresh spring faces that rejuvenate the senses. Missoni has never failed to surprise once again -- from last season's dark green leafy and mysterious setting to this spring's pastel hued flowery prints, the ads are always clean cut with interesting compositions and excellent retouching -- don't the models look like mannequins? This really is my fave of the season even though only one ad is out.
Simple yet elegantly and mysteriously beautiful...

Every season, Giorgio Armani showcases the clothes' fluidity and movement, choosing to display the elegance of its signature soft, flowy gowns that flatter every woman's body. With a monochromatic palette and sharp contrasts, the texture and silhouettes of the clothes are featured beautifully on supermodel Sasha Pivovarova who looks like a Greek Goddess. That fierce stare of hers brings out an effortless contrast of hard and soft, producing a stunning piece of work.
Interesting and silently sensual...

When I first saw this ad, a real life Cluedo appeared in my mind. The still posture of the models, standing in what seems to be a library in a mansion at midnight contribute to the eerie silence that hangs in the air. Tense? Not quite. Sophisticated and mysterious, rather. As compared to the previous seasons' blurry ads, this season's ad is more still and composed.

Original, never seen before...

2008 Olympic Gold-medallist gymnast Nastia Liukin shows off her moves in wedges and dainty dresses in this season's ads for Max Azria. A clean background is a wise choice, as it emphasizes the movement and energy of the powerful kicks and stunts. I really love how her solid moves bring out the soft drapery of the dresses too.


Totally fierce and sexy...

What's hotter than two supermodels wrestling in Dsquared's signature revealing black gowns? I really love the dusty and dirty setting and the contrast between Naomi Campbell's dark skin and Linda Evangelista's fair white skin. In all, this is really fierce and it works!

Strongest cast, most strategic and impactful...

Nothing can go wrong with a powerful cast of supermodels-to-be and Prada's ruched bras and bags. Wearing fierce expressions on their faces, these blonde beauties make up and awesome shop display. This campaign is definitely strategic as it showcases so many outfits in a two-page spread.

Balenciaga exudes a mysterious, eerie feel by creating stairways to the future, and placing a robotic models in the shiny, futuristic dresses that stand out against the background. I really like the greenish-silvery colour scheme that adheres so well to the theme.


Laid-back tranquility, simply soothing to the senses...

This campaign calms the nerves. As compared to the fierce and mysterious campaigns of other big fashion names, Burberry encourages us to relax in these recession times. Shot against an old English country garden setting, this campaign exudes an inexplicable tranquility and beauty of the trenches and dresses in earthy tones.

Beautiful colour schemes, balanced compositions, showing off the clothes perfectly...

Although I'm a little appalled at the choice of model for Blumarine's campaign (Natasha seems a little too fierce), the pastel hues and beautiful background really exudes an ancient greek Goddess feel that goes so well with the gorgeous silk Blumarine gowns.

Chloe, on the other hand, opts for a rocky background so as to make the satin clothes appear more outstanding. I also really love the centralized composition of the ad.

Image Source: The Fashion Spot


  1. I've always loved how peaceful and relaxed the Burberry Prossum ads are. And that Max Azria is absolutely fierce!

    I would love to exchange blog links, I'm putting you up now, dear.

  2. Fab post! I love Missoni, Prada and Blumarine best!