Friday, January 2, 2009

So fur so good

Ai tominaga appeared in French Revue de Modes f.w. 08/09 in a fur editorial Wild World. Everything about it is mindblowing, the stark contrast of black, white and red and her varied poses and fierce facial expressions. I particularly love this close up.

source: thefashionspot

The crimson red lipstick and her face somehow reminded me of the startling truth behind the affinity shared by fashion and fur. I immediately linked this editorial's fur theme to these two collages.
I saw them in the French-Chinese book titled Sortir de la Routine in my school's art lab. They are created by the author, a Chinese designer who studied in ESMOD paris. He was inspired to create the collages after watching some haute couture shows, where several animal activists would courageously riot against the fur trade at the top of their voices before the shows. Sadly speaking, fur is still a symbol of luxury and its importance undeniable in the fashion industry. Well, Singapore's weather is intolerant of fur and even in the most chilly days during the monsoon season, I will choose faux fur over the real thing though.

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