Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BACK. & prom rules!

We're back...and it’s been exactly 8 months!!!! It's a little worrying that this blog might be left to rust in cyberspace. Sorry for the long hiatus - school's been really busy, but our major A levels are going to end pretty soon in about a week's time. I've to admit that my sister and I have had futile attempts to shun the virtual world during this long study break. I still had to treat myself to the occasional thefashionspot read or Seventeen magazines! Apart from returning to Mode.ulation we are really hyped up about our upcoming PROM at a 5star hotel in the heart of the city and we’ve been conceiving our dream dress between cramming biology notes. We pretty much settled on a few rules on our shopping plan:

  1. No black. As much as everyone loves to don an LBD, we agreed that black’s not a great idea for us. Classy and elegant, this shade (I wouldn’t consider it a colour!) is a little too mundane for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The only way to stand out from a sea of black is to go for colour – jewel, pastel or even neon, anything goes. However, I do love a cute LBD paired with coloured tights a la Erin Fetherston in fall 08.

2. Maxi. It will be important to find a tricky balance between the price factor for more fabric and the elegance of wearing a floor-sweeping red carpet worthy dress. No matter what, we will keep our eyes peeled for bargain steals. (Below: Erin Fetherston resort 11)

3. Accessories. Considering the rather limited array of dresses one can find on this little red dot, sticking by the rule of accessorizing will keep it safe. There will definitely be a slightest chance that someone may wear the same dress as you, but accessories will help to make the dress unique.

credit: www.style.com

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From Prisons to Paris

Days ago my friend commented that fashion isn't very recognized in Singapore and hence expressed his doubt in entering this precarious industry. Upon further thought I couldn't help but disagree, as the local fashion scene is definitely a flourishing one abuzz with vibe and I already find it quite difficult to keep track of the several happenings in town! Granted, one could perhaps only name the annual Audi Fashion Festival if asked about any local fashion news worthy of excitement. Yet fashion has taken a bold turn here in Singapore and it's definitely more than alive and kicking!
First up Calvin Klein showcased his Spring Summer 2010 collection in the former Queenstown Remand Prison in January this year, taking the local fashion scene by storm and convicting us that the most happening events can take place in the most unexpected of locations. Well, creativity and thinking out of the box was all it took to make waves in the young fashion industry here and carve a name in Singapore's history.

Supermodel Liu Wen at Calvin Klein's S/S 2010 showcase

But fashion in Singapore is not confined to luxe labels setting foot in new malls dotting Orchard Road. Local labels such as Elohim and Harryhalim are redefining Singapore fashion in subtle, unannounced ways. I was pleasantly surprised to see Elohim's Spring Summer 2010 campaign at bus stops and even more excited to see Harryhalim's Paris Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Week debut! Talk about national pride!

Elohim S/S 2010 campaign

Harryhalim F/W 2010 show at Paris fashion week

Perhaps then it is still valid to claim that fashion is and will be a precarious industry in Singapore, at least in the near future. However things have certainly changed - the population's perception of fashion and of style, big brands' view of Singapore as a lucrative retail market and the society's enthusiasm for promising talents of tomorrow. Thus to me, the sun can only continue to rise in Singapore's budding fashion scene. As to what's in store- we shall wait and see.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Avalanche of Fashion. and of School.

I'm on the verge of giving up. No, I will never stop blogging fashion. After all, who can stop musing on the creativity that oozes from the multitude of masterpieces that grace the runways each season? But my point is sometimes these all too glamorous creations evolve so fast, to an extent where they gather to become an avalanche, crushing my sensory perceptions, stripping away any chance to stop for a breath of fresh air. Pessimistic? Perhaps. But until fashion takes a break (which it never will), I cannot help but feel that the burden of keeping up with fashion season after season, trend after trend, somehow diminishes my passion for it. If only I were fully devoted to fashion, then perhaps my enthousiasm would, on the contrary, be fuelled by the breathtakingly rapid changes of creation.

Now I see the point in fashion bloggers going full time. And I see the point in designers' wanting to go on hiatus.

Same here for school.

Tutorials, lectures, tests, projects and assignments never take a backseat in school. But unlike fashion, nobody condemns you when you slack off temporarily. After all, fashion is mean business whereas school is an educational playground, ideally speaking. And we do have holidays. So for me it's all about A levels this year. It's time I get my nose buried in those books and look forward to the fruits of my labour at the end of the year. Then will I perhaps reignite my passion and get back to business.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Runway Rave: Techno tribal

The Haute Couture spring collections are in full swing in Paris, and Jean Paul Gaultier's collection has been mindblowing. Just one scroll down the pictures, I could see mixed ethnic and bohemian influence striding down the runway. Apart from paying homage to the sci-fi blockbuster Avatar, this collection appears lmore ike a tribute to globalisation - an amalgamation of Mexican, Asian and Tribal. Each look was a feast for the eyes with the detailing and fanciful accessories, coupled with the models' giant sombreros.

A hint of the Amazonic indigenous tribes in this tulle gown decorated with geometric leaf cutouts, and a moss-adorned headgear.

Asians will definitely identify this look with chinese porcelain or 青花瓷, in a less delicate and more structured form.Techno tribal is all the rage, and will be here to stayeven after Alexander McQueen's spring showing, as shown in this corset-like minidress with a truly Gaultier style.

Weaving and macromaid details were seen on the dresses, and even in the models' hair and hats. The 'enfant terrible’ of Parisian couture is back to make waves again with this collection that goes beyond pretty and redefines bold.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spotlight: benWU

Flight SS 2010
Structurally sound and intricately constructed, let your imagination take flight with Ben Wu's newest collection. Recently unveiled at Mandarin Gallery's new mall, the local designer's second line benWU is more classic and individualistic than Tian.

Choosing a safely daring palette of neutrals for spring, benWU tinkered with different fabrics and contrasting structures that held true to his aesthetics.
My personal favourite is the toga frock below. The revealing of a tinge of green in a mainly monochromatic collection is daring yet refreshing. This dress appears beautifully constructed, yet soft and sinuous at the same time.
source: benwu@ Mandarin Gallery on facebook

Friday, January 15, 2010

Brittle Beauty

The fashion world is embracing the delicate beauty of Shu Pei Qin, the freshest face from China to snowball to fame this season. I'm fast falling in love with her editorial work, in particular the beauty eds from Vogue China.

Vogue China November 2009

Vogue China February 2010 - Rouge Seduction

Source: thefashionspot

Sweet, innocent and seductive, I'm really convinced she's a versatile model and has overflowing amounts of potential! Fashion has only seen the start of her promising career...

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Its also mode.ulation's first anniversary! During the school holidays this space is surprisingly dead as we were really occupied...so now its a belated HAPPPPPY NEW YEAR to everyone out there =).
A new year's for a fresh new page of fashion and style! But before all of that, we need to straighten up some things in our hectic schedule.

I. Spring Clean
School reopens next week and I really need to clear up my study corner at home.

II. Freshen up
I need to catch up on sleep after staying up for long hours during the holidays. My skin is suffering from this...

III. Relive a passion for studying
A levels are up this year so we twins better study hard and play hard and blog hard together! =)

IV. Dance!
Dance to keep fit! For someone who's not that sporty, I can say dancing is the best to shed those pounds and shed the stress.

source: voguegirl kr, teen vogue