Saturday, January 2, 2010


Its also mode.ulation's first anniversary! During the school holidays this space is surprisingly dead as we were really now its a belated HAPPPPPY NEW YEAR to everyone out there =).
A new year's for a fresh new page of fashion and style! But before all of that, we need to straighten up some things in our hectic schedule.

I. Spring Clean
School reopens next week and I really need to clear up my study corner at home.

II. Freshen up
I need to catch up on sleep after staying up for long hours during the holidays. My skin is suffering from this...

III. Relive a passion for studying
A levels are up this year so we twins better study hard and play hard and blog hard together! =)

IV. Dance!
Dance to keep fit! For someone who's not that sporty, I can say dancing is the best to shed those pounds and shed the stress.

source: voguegirl kr, teen vogue