Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Model Moment: Rise of the Dragon

Vogue UK recently published an article on the rise of Asian models in their mag. I glimpsed through the article, and in my opinion, it is well written with several insights on Asian models, and the reason they are increasing in numbers at full force in the fashion industry, which still remains largely dominated by Western faces and designers.

I agree that the rise of Asian models is in tandem with the blooming Eastern economy. Western fashion houses see a growing, untapped base of customers and fans of their products in the Asian market, thus attending to their needs and wants is a smart and necessary move to internationalize. Think of how LV didn't stop at selling monogram bags in mega stores in Chinese cities, and went to conceptualize an entire Orient-inspired collection for Spring 2011. Think of how Chanel didn't stop at selling couture to the rich Chinese, and even went to open the prefall 2009 show in Shanghai, calling it the Paris-Shanghai M├ętiers d'Art Collection.
Above: Louis Vuitton SS 2011 shot by Steven Meisel.

Thus with the vast array of fashion collections with Mandarin collars and Cheongsam-inspired thigh high skirt slits showcased on the runway every season, it seems natural that more Asian faces walk down the runway as well.

My favourite new comer is Xiao Wen Ju. Her face resembles a chinadoll. She is definitely one of the most unique faces I see after Emma Xie. Another relatively new model in the Western scene is Sui He. She was placed among the top 10 new faces this fall on, and she grabbed the opening spot at Ralph Lauren, making her the first Asian face to do so.

Below: Xiao Wen Ju, Far below: Sui He in Marchesa

I'm also excited that Singapore finally has a representative at the Ford Supermodel of the World competition next year! I realized that in the past, Singapore used to participate in this competition broadcasting the competition on Channel 8, but it has ceased for a long time till this year! The winner is Chinese-Indian Puvana S. She was called "ugly" by her classmates, according to the local press. However, she is far from ugly! Her unique look is sure to take her far in the world finals in NY.
Well, I hope that using Asian models on the runway is not like Sportswear looks on the runway -- just a trend that will fade in time. Examining the fashion scene and economy now, Western designers' love with the East should not, and I hope will not wane in the near future.
From left: Ming Xi, Sun Feifei, Xiao Wen Ju, Liu Wen

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

High & Mighty High street!

Well many high street brands have great collaboration with designers & it girls. These brands come up with capsule collections coveted by all they are deemed to be designer ware at a fraction of the cost! This fall, H&M will up its game with a tie up with Versace. Previous collabs with other designers like Lanvin and Stella Mccartney were already a sell out worldwide, and this time, high street will go plus haute, plus luxe with such a well known couturier. Judging from the pictures available, Versace's signature embellishment, beads and flowy pieces will not be missing in this commercial spin. Apart from menswear & womenswear, Versace will design some homeware pieces as well.

The reason I'm blogging about this exclusive collection is not because H&M is coming to Singapore, but more on the fact that many Singaporeans are hoping this collection will come to the new store here this September! and considering that I got an email from the press from H&M sg regarding this collection, I really hope they will bring the gorgeous couture worthy pieces to our sunny shores.

Heart: Donatella Versace
all pictures are from H&M

Monday, June 13, 2011


Many fashion magazines advise fashionistas to buy accessories, as simple accessories can jazz up any look, from a basic shift dress to a casual bf shirt and jeans ensemble. No doubt my sister and I have been investing some $$ into accessories, especially belts and necklaces. (although I still can't bear to splurge on statement pieces as I do have a decently modest budget)

One of our favourite shop includes Aussie's DIVA. It's array of sparkling accessories sorted out by colours and patterns adorn the walls and shelves of its pristine interiors. Knowing that its the Great Singapore Sales now, DIVA's offerings are not to be missed. The sales for past seasons accessories start at $3, but I will say most necklaces and ea
rrings are 7 bucks and up. I bought a gorgeous ring for 9 bucks. It may not be the best steal in the shop, but this ring was really unique and it looked expensive.

For those who prefer unique accessories, several online shops offer such handmade treasures. Here are some of my recommendations. They do have different price ranges, but above all, the jewellery in there are gorgeous!

Recommended for the rock chic and those on a budget.
Mode.ulation loves: The moulin rouge necklace & all the chunky chains including the Troy coin necklace.

Ocha Cream
The trinkets and charms used in the wide myriad of earrings and charm bracelets are worth the splurge!
Mode.ulation loves: Everything from the Masak Masak (childhood toys) collection! The charms really remind me of my childhood toys!

Very unique charm necklaces and accessories made with love. I spotted this shop at Orchard Central's weekend flea market, Open Doors.
Mode.ulation loves: The watering can necklace!

Hope you guys do check out these websites!

Images courtesy of DIVA, indiesin, ochacream, and AmeVi.