Thursday, June 23, 2011

High & Mighty High street!

Well many high street brands have great collaboration with designers & it girls. These brands come up with capsule collections coveted by all they are deemed to be designer ware at a fraction of the cost! This fall, H&M will up its game with a tie up with Versace. Previous collabs with other designers like Lanvin and Stella Mccartney were already a sell out worldwide, and this time, high street will go plus haute, plus luxe with such a well known couturier. Judging from the pictures available, Versace's signature embellishment, beads and flowy pieces will not be missing in this commercial spin. Apart from menswear & womenswear, Versace will design some homeware pieces as well.

The reason I'm blogging about this exclusive collection is not because H&M is coming to Singapore, but more on the fact that many Singaporeans are hoping this collection will come to the new store here this September! and considering that I got an email from the press from H&M sg regarding this collection, I really hope they will bring the gorgeous couture worthy pieces to our sunny shores.

Heart: Donatella Versace
all pictures are from H&M

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  1. apparently H&M flat out refused to open in Australia. This sucks because I want that Versace collection.