Saturday, September 26, 2009

B.R.B: nerd time

Be right back!
We are about to have a study leave as our exams are in a week's time.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Model Moment: Rachel Rutt

Spring has kickstarted in NYFW, this time, with fresh-faced Australian import Rachel Rutt. Born Half-English and Half-Singaporean, (go the little red dot!) the Pan Asian is touted as Aussieland's answer to Devon Aoki. Beyond that, she is framed at 5'11, and sweeping through New York with some of the familiar runways under her belt.

^ Backstage at Australian Fashion Week

She already modelled for several big names such as Erin Wasson X RVCA and Cynthia Steffe (below).
Looking fierce at Vivienne Tam and Mark Fast:

Be sure to watch out for her as she sets her mark in fashion in the near future - I can already picture her in adverts and campaigns in glossy mags across the world!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Let the Ad out of the Bag: Fall 09/10

There is no time to lose in fashion. Before I knew it, the Spring 2010 Fashion week has commenced when I was just about to blog about the array of fall 09 ad campaigns that greeted me in my latest magazine purchases!

My favourite is definitely MIU MIU.As compared to the previous seasons, this fall 09 ad has definitely toned down in colour, but definitely not in terms of impact. To me, this is the quintessence of timelessness -- a quality which merchandisers should seek to exude in their ads in the gloomy times of recession.

I really love how simplicity is luxury in here.On the other hand, Prada, evidently aiming to simplify and employ the same tactic, pales in comparison for me. I really loved the collection and expected an austere, perhaps medieval and silently impactful ad campaign. However, I do not quite relate to the water and models' expressions. Stronger, more uniform expressions would have definitely helped.

Sadly, I prefer Prada's previous campaign where many outfits are displayed in a single ad. This season's would have been more impactful if the colours were tweaked in the direction of Miu Miu's monochromatic palette.

And Fendi's monochromatic palette of stonegreys spells sublime! Rich furs and lush bags toted by stunning Stam and cold stone walls, this Fendi campaign is, no doubt, leaving smoke in my eyes.

Seems like I'm feeling biased towards reduced colours this season, but no, I really do love the burst of colours in the ad campaigns of Louis Vuitton, Kenzo and Marc Jacobs!
Marc Jacobs is intriguing and I'm really drawn into its ads and having the confidence that its campaigns would only get better in the seasons to come.

On the flip side of the coin, a few ad campaigns were definitely a letdown.One of them would be YSL. I applaud its courage to encapture the inspiration of Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian MAn. Surely, this drawing is revolutionary but it needn't be so explicit in the ad campaign. The naked man makes the ad look cheap. Perhaps the rationale behind the use of the Vitrutian Man idea is to boast the exquisite proportions and workmanship of Yves Saint Laurent's craft, but the representation is simply not apt.

Gucci was also quite a letdown. The juxtaposition of models with awfully hip poses made it look tacky. It does no justice to the clothes. I wish more energy was put into the ad, with a portrayal of motions frozen in time instead of still cliched poses that kill the energy of the clothes. The fall 08 campaign of models prancing in the fields was much better.

How about you, which are your favourite ads?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Spotlight on Israel: FOX

Many may not have heard of FOX fashion, but it is already spreading its wings of fame in many Asian and Middle Eastern countries. One glance at these pictures of Bar Rafaeli and you may think it is just another European fashion retail chain. What you may not know is that FOX is a brainchild of Israel. It may not be the first store to jump on the trendy bandwagon, instead clothes at FOX are more snug than trendy, and more fun than sophisticated. Happy clothes I would call it - with Disney hoodies, hiphop-worthy cargo pants and bright-coloured sweaters. FOX's signature style include bold patterned tanks and tube tops, and pieces with bold embellishment such as a sequinned clown and camisoles with ruffles and laces.

This Fall, FOX presents their collection in 3 key ranges- Active, Urban and Limited Edition. The Urban Fusion collection will feature vintage-syle tees ready to bring all fashion lovers into a world of nostalgic and funfilled childhood. Whereas "Limited edition" will satisfy the needs of the youthful, with quirky use of plastic prints in bright colors, shiny plastic buttons and pins, prints of cartoons and graphics. Memorable pieces include a cute flippy skirt with black heart buttons.

Be sure to check out the newest collection in stores.