Saturday, September 5, 2009

Spotlight on Israel: FOX

Many may not have heard of FOX fashion, but it is already spreading its wings of fame in many Asian and Middle Eastern countries. One glance at these pictures of Bar Rafaeli and you may think it is just another European fashion retail chain. What you may not know is that FOX is a brainchild of Israel. It may not be the first store to jump on the trendy bandwagon, instead clothes at FOX are more snug than trendy, and more fun than sophisticated. Happy clothes I would call it - with Disney hoodies, hiphop-worthy cargo pants and bright-coloured sweaters. FOX's signature style include bold patterned tanks and tube tops, and pieces with bold embellishment such as a sequinned clown and camisoles with ruffles and laces.

This Fall, FOX presents their collection in 3 key ranges- Active, Urban and Limited Edition. The Urban Fusion collection will feature vintage-syle tees ready to bring all fashion lovers into a world of nostalgic and funfilled childhood. Whereas "Limited edition" will satisfy the needs of the youthful, with quirky use of plastic prints in bright colors, shiny plastic buttons and pins, prints of cartoons and graphics. Memorable pieces include a cute flippy skirt with black heart buttons.

Be sure to check out the newest collection in stores.


  1. I love how carefree and playful the looks are. Gorgeous collection. Is that Bar Rafaeli in the pictures? Looks like her. :)

  2. ^ yes, its Bar Rafaeli, the Israeli supermodel!