Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Runway Rave: Medieval Austerity at Prada

aus⋅ter⋅i⋅ty   /ɔˈstɛrɪti/

1. austere quality; severity of manner, life, etc.; sternness.
2. Usually, austerities. ascetic practices: austerities of monastery life.
3. strict economy.

Hammered with bolts and nuts in contrast with bold colours, the heels definitely stood out for me...yet another hit this season! The inspiration of the collection is obvious... the medieval times, of WAR and CHIVALRY. Yet coupled with a tinge of austerity, the collection's colours were kept rather tame, and the structures were clean, such as the deep v-neck shift dresses tailored immaculately so as to flatter every female form. Towards the end of the show, the medieval knight inspiration was even more apparent -- the dresses - what seem to be dismantled armors - made it's way down the grey carpeted runway, strong as ever. The word AUSTERE seems to be the keyword too. According to the definition from, AUSTERE indicates a stern quality, and also a strict economy. A dual meaning? Perhaps. Challenging the credit crunch and economic downturn with an austere collection is, in my opinion, 100% appropriate.

Medieval sledge boots

Photo source: coutorture


  1. After watching the Prada show the first time, I thought of the movie "300". Second time, "Gladiator" popped into my head. 3rd time, I was pondering about cave women and prehistoric beasts. Why did I watch the Prada show 3 times? Simple: One of the best collections of the season.


  2. well not my fave prada moments, but every has different opinions


  3. Hey, that's a great blog!! :-D
    The Prada collection is stunning, also one of my favorites this year.
    I like your analogy to "300" !!
    xx, Sofie

  4. I would certainly wear those luxurious looking books with the straps around the calf, some sort of knit-sock spilling out and that strong, chunky heel. It looks like an empowering pair of boots. And I can't stop looking at its picture.

    Thanks for putting up your Prada analysis. It was a great read! Simple and insightful. :)


  5. Hi, thanks for your comment!!
    Of course, let's change links! :-D