Saturday, February 28, 2009

Runway Rave: Graphing at Christopher Kane

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Christopher Kane is one of my most anticipated shows. His previous seasons showed remarkable use of geometry, which included mostly circles, juxtaposed with animal prints. Having explored circles, he has moved on to lines and curves, and has brought the futuristic trend to a higher level by playing with layers to achieve various metallic sheens and shades. He proved that the futuristic look can be feminine too, as seen in the pleated dresses with ruffle-edge outlines in contrast with the rigid strokes on the sleeves and bustiers. Kane has shown once again that there will never be an exhaustion of ideas inspired by lines and shapes!


  1. I really liked some of this collection, but part of me can't help but feel it could have been better...I'm not sure

  2. Hm.. I kind of agree with Just JR here, but nonetheless, I love the outlining of the nudes with black. A bit Chanel almost, but cool =]

    Thank you for always leaving the sweetest comments! <3

    La C.

  3. i loved this collection, even if he repeated too many looks. i always find myself liking his fall collections better.