Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Runway Rave: Couture S/S 09

*We're really sorry for the lack of updates, as we just started our first year in junior college and are really busy with orientation :)

Another season of couture shows just rocked the fashion world. For me, the most outstanding was JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, followed by ARMANI PRIVE.
I really adore the concepts, inspirations and influences in both collections. While Jean Paul Gaultier's sheer dresses were imprinted with western calligraphic strokes that seemed to come alive while models floated down the runway, Armani Prive went heavy with structure and adorned the sharply tailored creations with motifs present in Chinese culture, such as dragons and lucky clouds.

What I appreciated most was that these collections, though loaded with lots of details and treats for the eye, were overall coherent, and not mere bombardment to the senses. Both sent strong first looks down the runway, and as the shows proceeded, a drama seemed to unfold in front of my eyes. The creations seemed to grow bigger and bolder, ending off with spectacular gowns that blew me away!

Show-stopping and jaw-dropping dresses graced the runway throughout the show:

This semi-circular shaped dress is one of a kind, and seems to display dome-shaped architectural influence, while the sheer gown on the right looks like an abstract piece of calligraphic work -- I love how Gaultier applies the calligraphic swirls to the edges of the gown, leading the viewer's eye down a smooth seam or fold on the gown.

The headpieces and accessories were as usual, impressive and exaggerated. Those fake hair pieces served as line art, fitting the calligraphic-inspired collection. So were the earrings, hair and makeup. Eyes and eyebrows were lined with bold, yet smooth strokes, as if the face were a piece of script for calligraphy. The models' hair was also combed neatly in curves at the sides of the faces, to correspond to the calligraphic and sinuous lines present in the collection.

On the other hand, Armani Prive showcased a striking collection with strong Chinese cultural influences, ranging from dragon motifs to red tassels found on lanterns. My favourite looks included:

Red and glossy black were dominant colours in the collection, while the lucky cloud motif repeated itself on the runway occasionally

While the structure of the red dress is rather reminescent of Alexander Mcqueen's architectural and sculpted dresses, the white dress reminds me of a porcelain vase with immaculate motifs of lotuses and waves painted on it -- Drop-dead gorgeous.
Image source: the fashion spot


  1. I absolutely love haute couture. I especially love the way they style the girls - crazy hair, fantastic make-up. They are the stuff of inspirations.

    And you made some great picks from the haute couture season! I loved em all.

  2. Couture was great this season, shame about Dior though, which I found a bit of a let down!

  3. I could look at the Couture shows forever - there are so many wonderful details in each of the pieces. I find it so much more interesting than RTW lines.

  4. i agree- some of the designers have really stepped up thier game.
    i think dior did well too