Monday, February 9, 2009

Fresh Spreads: Headpieces

Exaggerating headpieces are the new head turners.

Vogue Russia Jan 09
At the Head
Ph: Tom Munro
Styling: Simon Robins
Model: Toni Garrn

The pastel colour scheme and make-up colours enables this spread to be so whimsical and pretty. This would not be so attractive without the matching berets and fedoras.
Tush #1/ 2009:
Chapeux - À - Porter

Ph: Armin Morbach
Styling: Katrin Gerhardy
Model: Kinee Diouf

It is indeed clever to classify each photo with quirky captions. Unlike the previous ed, this one really pays tribute to fashion's mad hatters and the most daring headpieces. I love it that they chose Kinee Douf as her dark skin is the ideal contrast for the milinery she adorned.
Teen Vogue March 09
Head Case

Ph: Daniel Jackson
Fashion editor: Marie Chaix
Models: Liu Wen and Yulia
This editorial is by far one of the best from Teen Vogue. The accessories and clothes are colourful and wild, and the headpieces are so youthful on both Liu Wen and Yulia.


  1. Wow, these are all DIVINE! I'm speechless.

  2. These are all really gorg, I wish more people would actually wear them


  3. I love the Teen Vogue headpieces look very cool and slick. They could even be in Vogue, non?

  4. Gorgeous cover, I'm tempted to buy the issue.

    And I'm so surprised at the last scans, would've never guessed that was in Teen Vogue!

  5. i totally agree on the teen vogue editorial - everything is so perfect!

    La C.

  6. This spread is so FUN! full of color and so necessary. makes me so excited for SPring to finally arrive!