Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let the Ad out of the bag: Sasha the Beauty

Beauty ad campaigns do reflect the essence of cosmetics brands. And I believe it is indeed important to choosee an ideal model to front the campaign. No stranger to beauty campaigns, these ads by Sasha are simply gorgeous. Her face is like a primed canvas awaiting an artist to add his magical touches.

In the Giorgio Armani fall 08/09 ad, her stoics emotions shine through and effectively brought out the classic and sophisticated feel of this line of cosmetics. The first picture is exceptionally breathtaking. It is a wonder how a simple minimalist look can be so impactful.

Unlike the previous campaign, Sasha starred in Biotherm spring 09's aquasource range that truly reflected her cheery disposition. She looks ever-so-youthful in this campaign with her dolly face and smile. Radiating youth and joy, Sasha is definitely an outstanding face of Biotherm with her dewy skin and healthy look.


  1. happy valentine's day, dear! have lots of fun.

  2. she's so beautiful! adore her!

  3. i absolutely love minimal makeup; it looks so fresh!

    & Thank you for your sweet comment; it means so much to me!

    La C.

    P.S. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

  4. I love sasha... she is an amazing model. I love your blog, please visit mine!