Saturday, March 21, 2009

Style Scout: Models off-duty

Sometimes the best of fashion week is seen off the runway. I do find streetstyle more inspiring and down-to-earth than some avant-garde designers' runway looks, which are meant to stay on the runway. The models' streetstyle introduce nothing new, but nothing short of chic too. Their back-to-basics outfits never go out of style as shown in the fashion week snaps below.


Chanel's double-breasted blazer is one statement-making basic to appear effortlessly chic amidst the clamour and glamour of fashion week. Imogen Morris-Clarke shimmery minidress and black buttonless jacket stood out against a backdrop of European city lights.

Military-style coats with brass buttons and checkered scarfs never fail to look chic and keep out of the wintry cold.

Black leather is everywhere- paired with graphic tees, checkered shirts or simply an all balck ensemble as worn by Kiki Kang.


Sara Blomqvist balanced her oversized fur coat with a waist-cinching belt and basic black leggings, while Skye Stracke's black fur-trimmed collar trench is a classic staple in a fall wardrobe.


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  2. oh i'm so stupid. i forgot to say i'd love to trade links with you. i'll add you right now!

  3. I love it when they wear tailored clothing compared to the usual baggy shirts and loose jeans look.

    They have such lovely lean figures, its such a shame to hide them.

  4. Lovely! Ditto what Gloria said.

  5. I love their leather jackets!
    And of course exchange links, your blog is great ;)
    I've add you to my BlogList!

  6. I love this post! I'd love to exhange links with you!

    juliet xxx

  7. Thank you for linking me! I'll certainly return the favor. (:

  8. I absolutely ADORE Chanel!! I have that photo of her saved in my inspiration folder =]

    La C.

  9. Oh wow, I need more black, every photograph is complete brilliance and beauty.

    love always!!
    hope to hear from you

  10. Checkered scarf has a good match with the military coat.