Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fresh Spreads: Acid Wash

Plastique #4 S/S 09

Acid Wash
pH: Jeffrey Graetsch

source: thefashionspot

Plastique's editorials are chock full of great models, gorgeous lighting and artful styling. This spring, the bi-annual magazine's choice of bright acids for has made it one of the outstanding spring magazines. This beauty spread is amazing, as acid shades take the stage. The colours so vibrant, yet both clashing and harmonious. I really like the way the make up colours are painted on her face in colour blocks and shapes. The model's wispy white hair puffed into a ball adds to the geometric appeal too. Overall this looks like a great interpretation of spring's bright colour trend with a quirky kitschy twist.


  1. Those colors are indeed fantastic! I'm actually wearing neon pink nail polish right now. It's quite blinding!

    La C.

  2. Great editorial! The white afro and background really bring out the colors of the makeup.

  3. these are so wonderful! I love wild makeup.
    x A