Monday, June 13, 2011


Many fashion magazines advise fashionistas to buy accessories, as simple accessories can jazz up any look, from a basic shift dress to a casual bf shirt and jeans ensemble. No doubt my sister and I have been investing some $$ into accessories, especially belts and necklaces. (although I still can't bear to splurge on statement pieces as I do have a decently modest budget)

One of our favourite shop includes Aussie's DIVA. It's array of sparkling accessories sorted out by colours and patterns adorn the walls and shelves of its pristine interiors. Knowing that its the Great Singapore Sales now, DIVA's offerings are not to be missed. The sales for past seasons accessories start at $3, but I will say most necklaces and ea
rrings are 7 bucks and up. I bought a gorgeous ring for 9 bucks. It may not be the best steal in the shop, but this ring was really unique and it looked expensive.

For those who prefer unique accessories, several online shops offer such handmade treasures. Here are some of my recommendations. They do have different price ranges, but above all, the jewellery in there are gorgeous!

Recommended for the rock chic and those on a budget.
Mode.ulation loves: The moulin rouge necklace & all the chunky chains including the Troy coin necklace.

Ocha Cream
The trinkets and charms used in the wide myriad of earrings and charm bracelets are worth the splurge!
Mode.ulation loves: Everything from the Masak Masak (childhood toys) collection! The charms really remind me of my childhood toys!

Very unique charm necklaces and accessories made with love. I spotted this shop at Orchard Central's weekend flea market, Open Doors.
Mode.ulation loves: The watering can necklace!

Hope you guys do check out these websites!

Images courtesy of DIVA, indiesin, ochacream, and AmeVi.

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  1. Quelle excellente découverte! Je les adore ! Voir, c'est pourquoi la lecture des blogs, c'est amusant, vous en savoir plus sur toutes sortes de choses! tellement de choix - autant de belle mode accessoires. Il y a à la fois agréable ou l'autre serait formidable.