Saturday, May 21, 2011

AFF Perspective no. 2

As I interned at SPRING Singapore, I had the privilege of attending STAR CREATION, the show in search of new Asian designers. Walking around the Belvedere VIP lounge tasting macarons and drinking vitamin water was a totally different experience from ushering and stuffing mags & bottles in goodie bags. It was realy exciting to be invited to a show!

Next, I realized how insignificant volunteers were in the eyes of the invited guests - yep that's a hard fact. While as an usher I may think that I did contribute a little part to the flow of the entire event, yet all the audience want is a good show with no hiccups. I guess that's the case in all kinds of shows - theatre, dance and even fashion. On a side note, Star Creation was a little disappointing. There were really great outfits from the finalists (and crazily unwearable ones), but the commercialized creations from last year's winners was a let down. It seemed as though the past 3 winners have lost their creativity to commercialism.

Apart from the Lasalle graduate show, the other show I thoroughly enjoyed was Raoul one. It was oversubscribed with several cases of double seatings, and guests standing along the ailes together with us ushers. Ok back to the show, the entire collection was amazing. It was a monochrome fall collection with bursts of tangerine and violet. Raoul did just as what the brand was famous for -- amazing tailoring of workwear. The pieces were so well made and flowy, that I'm sure they will be coveted by every working woman their among the audience!

A formal twist of stripes and bows that wil turn heads in the office:

Preppy chic even for working girls:
The hairstyle was young and fresh too, the side part pinned to the side was a unique take of asymetric hair dos.
images: zimbio, fashforward


  1. The pieces are beautiful! I love the feminine touch on the collars and the bows on the blouses.

  2. the first piece is amazing, so girly !!

  3. Gorgeous post!
    Love these blouses!


  4. Ooh, the first and second looks are my favorite. I'm kind of obsessed with tie-neck blouses at the moment. Love! :)

  5. Asymmetric hair is so lovely- I tried it the other day and it just doesn't look right on me :(