Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From Prisons to Paris

Days ago my friend commented that fashion isn't very recognized in Singapore and hence expressed his doubt in entering this precarious industry. Upon further thought I couldn't help but disagree, as the local fashion scene is definitely a flourishing one abuzz with vibe and I already find it quite difficult to keep track of the several happenings in town! Granted, one could perhaps only name the annual Audi Fashion Festival if asked about any local fashion news worthy of excitement. Yet fashion has taken a bold turn here in Singapore and it's definitely more than alive and kicking!
First up Calvin Klein showcased his Spring Summer 2010 collection in the former Queenstown Remand Prison in January this year, taking the local fashion scene by storm and convicting us that the most happening events can take place in the most unexpected of locations. Well, creativity and thinking out of the box was all it took to make waves in the young fashion industry here and carve a name in Singapore's history.

Supermodel Liu Wen at Calvin Klein's S/S 2010 showcase

But fashion in Singapore is not confined to luxe labels setting foot in new malls dotting Orchard Road. Local labels such as Elohim and Harryhalim are redefining Singapore fashion in subtle, unannounced ways. I was pleasantly surprised to see Elohim's Spring Summer 2010 campaign at bus stops and even more excited to see Harryhalim's Paris Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Week debut! Talk about national pride!

Elohim S/S 2010 campaign

Harryhalim F/W 2010 show at Paris fashion week

Perhaps then it is still valid to claim that fashion is and will be a precarious industry in Singapore, at least in the near future. However things have certainly changed - the population's perception of fashion and of style, big brands' view of Singapore as a lucrative retail market and the society's enthusiasm for promising talents of tomorrow. Thus to me, the sun can only continue to rise in Singapore's budding fashion scene. As to what's in store- we shall wait and see.


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  3. i have to put my hands down for CK to put up a show in the prison.. by looking at that one picture, i could tell tt it was a spectacular event..