Saturday, March 20, 2010

Avalanche of Fashion. and of School.

I'm on the verge of giving up. No, I will never stop blogging fashion. After all, who can stop musing on the creativity that oozes from the multitude of masterpieces that grace the runways each season? But my point is sometimes these all too glamorous creations evolve so fast, to an extent where they gather to become an avalanche, crushing my sensory perceptions, stripping away any chance to stop for a breath of fresh air. Pessimistic? Perhaps. But until fashion takes a break (which it never will), I cannot help but feel that the burden of keeping up with fashion season after season, trend after trend, somehow diminishes my passion for it. If only I were fully devoted to fashion, then perhaps my enthousiasm would, on the contrary, be fuelled by the breathtakingly rapid changes of creation.

Now I see the point in fashion bloggers going full time. And I see the point in designers' wanting to go on hiatus.

Same here for school.

Tutorials, lectures, tests, projects and assignments never take a backseat in school. But unlike fashion, nobody condemns you when you slack off temporarily. After all, fashion is mean business whereas school is an educational playground, ideally speaking. And we do have holidays. So for me it's all about A levels this year. It's time I get my nose buried in those books and look forward to the fruits of my labour at the end of the year. Then will I perhaps reignite my passion and get back to business.

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