Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spotlight: BNX Korea

BNX is an established Korean street fashion label I recently found out about while "window shopping" on the net. The designer Kay Lee is touted as the "Marc Jacobs of Korea".

BNX is an extraordinarily hip, yet elegant collection of feminine and chic casual items from South Korea. The “BN” stands for “Be Natural,” meaning that every design strives for artistic expressions of style and originality. The BNX woman is feminine yet romantic, and desires wearable but not OTT pieces in her wardrobe. Lee has successfully kept true to her aesthetic believes in her fall 08/09 collection.

BNX drew inspiration from the urban streetstyle of new yorkers in town, a poetic potpourri of the boho and retro, and sportism expressed in a rich colour spectrum. The collection consists of many unique styles, including vintage tweed jackets with romantic fur collars and rustic plaid skirts and shift dresses.

The designs boost rich and sophisticated details, pulling off a idyllic and casual style.


  1. That's a bit of D&G fw08-09 feat. H&M. It should step up a bit, try something truly original to receive a truthful and merited embrace from the fashion world. Or something celebs-related, like a true Marc Jacobs ;)