Saturday, January 10, 2009

Frontpage: No Chinese New Year for Vogue China?

I was really hoping to see an editorial featuring chinese traditional costumes as Chinese New Year is round the corner! In two weeks' time, China (and Singapore, of course) will be bustling with festive activities and yet, not a single glimpse of excitement is present in Vogue China. Oh wells, maybe a glimpse of prosperity (red symbols prosperity) in Ali Stephen's warm red beauty ed in the January issue could count, but it should be high time for the magazine to fuse some cultural elements with haughty high fashion. Instead of proudly showcasing chinese culture in it, Vogue China opted for "a fashion-insider theme", which is, in our opinion, rather disappointing..

Magazines like Harper's Bazaar China and Vogue Korea have produced fanta-bulous editorials featuring couture gowns inspired by oriental culture:

Taking pride in beautiful embroidery in Harper's Bazaar China September 2008: Olympic Glory

Paying tribute to the beauties of the Tang Dynasty: Unknown from Harper's Bazaar China

Showcasing the orient in Vogue Korea September 2007: Madame Butterfly

Even the West has taken interest in the China's rich culture, creating ethnic-inspired spreads.

Fierce warriors at the battlefront during the Yuan Dynasty in Vogue Italia November 2007: Wild Warriors

Lion Dancing in Numero 90: La fille du Dragon
Source: the fashion spot, modelcouture
So who says high fashion is exclusive of tradition? In my opinion, tradition is a source of inspiration for fashion - and we ought to be proud of this.
I'm really looking forward to Chinese New Year! We have this really cute cheongsam-inspired top which we have been wearing for nearly two Chinese New Years. (A classmate of mine from China told me it's actually a Tang Dynasty costume's print!) CNY's all about reunion, ang pows (red packets with $), yummy goodies and wearing red clothes (to represent prosperity). It's really comforting to see that tradition is still keeping up with modern times. Well, tradition can be put to great use in fashion as well.


  1. like the olympic inspired picture

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  2. Hello! I am so sorry we took so long to get back to you. I'm commenting under this post because this has been my favourite post so far - I love love love the editorials you pointed out and to have them all revolve around the orient, I don't think I could love it more. The Tang Dynasty one is particularly mind-blowing.

    I like the commentary on trends too. And also, because of your blog, I discovered the Asian Models blog. Now that is a very useful piece of information. Thanks very much.

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