Thursday, April 21, 2011

t.r.e.n.d: The Maxi

We are starting to love skirts and we're adding them into our wardrobe in a steady stream! However, nothing bothers my mind most other than finding the perfect maxi skirt. After seeing models sashying around with the swishy skirts on and even off the runway, I feel that the maxi skirt is a perfect staple, even in sunny Singapore.

On the runway: Loud!


Sheer on Jourdan Dunn

My faves are classic styles including

Basic drapey ones:
From Urban Outfitters

Loud printed ones:

From Zara!

Pop colours a la Jil Sander:
From Zara too

Which is the best? I think most importantly I'm finding one that is not stiff, and of the ideal length for my height, not too short as it will then fall to an awkward length!

Images: Zara, UO, Street Archive,


  1. Love the Jill Sander's skirt, Dunn, and Zara!


  2. J'a-d-o-r-e the sheer skirt. And I will be making my way to Zara sometime this weekend!