Monday, April 18, 2011

this year

Hi all!

We've had a really really long break much has happened last December and during the first 3 months of new year. To update this blog about the past 4 months, here's what we've been doing.

1. work!!!

It's a fresh new start this year as we have so much free time after we graduated from junior college. So we went to search for jobs and I'm glad we both found enjoyable work!

My sis had an internship with DP Architects just ended last week (she's going to do architecture in uni!), while I'm spending a few more months at SPRING.

2. driving lessons

It's really fun to drive. Last time we only rode bikes and drove bumper cars, but nothing comes close to driving on the real road. It makes me feel grown up now! However, we are still rather far from getting our license.

3. travel

The two of us just went travelling together! It was really very exciting as I had never travelled so up north before and the furthest I've been to was Paris. We spent some time in Norway as well..and crossed the artic circle! We went on a reindeer sledge, and slept in a Sami tent. The huskies were beautiful too!

4. shop!

Our love for shopping just keeps growing. Two of us share one wardrobe, and it is bursting soon! Because of work, we've been spending some $$ on formal wear for work. Here are some fall trends that we love and will never neglect even if they are out of trend:


Toy soldier style shirts and blazers are to die for as shown on the runway. I fell in love with military inspired wear when I saw the classy Zara's shirts in store. For a cheaper alternative, we got a chiffon button down from KISSJANE at Citylink mall.

[black ballerina]

We bought a poofy ballerina inspired skirt from New Look. Tulle netting is definitely my favourite material around. It looks so whimsical and light..and a la Black Swan! I wear the skirt to work quite often even when my mum says it looks like a feather duster..

sources: Hermes, teen Vogue, Image Amplified

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