Monday, June 15, 2009

Spotlight: Tribute to Lacroix

On 7 June I rushed down to the National Museum of Singapore to catch Christian Lacroix the costumier. The exhibition brought in numerous fashion illustrations and costumes from Lacroix's atelier. Through this exhibition, I got to come up close and discover for myself the couturier's ingenuity as a stage costumier.
Firstly, the illustrations of the costumes for various theatre pieces truly reflect the Lacroix aesthetics. Behind each stroke of ink and pencil was spontaneity, vibrancy and humour. His sketches were the first signs of innate creativity as a designer, expressing the silhouettes and dazzling colours on paper.

Lacroix definitely finds theatrical solutions to couture dresses. Each costume was intricately crafted with vibrant textures, such as a corset-like belt embellished with upholstery fringes and heavy layers of taffeta, lace and tulle. The tutu in Les anges ternis were my favourite. Tulle mini skirts in full swing - a depiction of elegance and grace. Lacroix commented on the ballet tutu, "It's a mad invention, both magical and surreal. But tutus are part of tradition. And that's where they take their full measure, their full value."

Les anges ternis (Tarnished angels)


Cendrillon (Cinderella)

Il re pastore
La femme sans ombre
Lacroix's illustrations and embellished costumes paint a picture of spectacular elegance light-hearted fantasy revue. One thing to note even in the face of a shaky future for the couturier's house, Lacroix remains an unforgotten legacy on stage.


  1. Sad day for lacroix
    Hopefully this will give him some time to reassess everything and come back with a bigger bang.

    those prints are amazing though :(

  2. Those prints are absolutely amazing. Yet bring a tear to my eye. :(

  3. I love the paintings, they're beautiful.

  4. I like the prints
    you have a great blog too ;)
    thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Indeed a legacy!His sketches are amazing, so animated.

  6. These are just beautiful, I wish I could check out this exhibit!


  7. You are so lucky; thank you so much for taking shots of everything! (:

    I think I would've stayed for hoursss (:

    La C.

  8. Those illustrations are looks like the exhibit was amazing. Wish I could have been there.

  9. What beautiful illustrations! WOW!

  10. beautiful drawings :)
    thanks for visiting me. i'll add your link :)