Saturday, June 20, 2009

Model moment:

Think America's Next Top Model gone local. Self-touted as Asia's most groundbreaking online reality show, showcases a fierce competition between 10 models from across the Asian continent including Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines and India to be Asia’s next hottest face on runways and magazines.
The show first aired online last Tuesday and the first 2 episodes have been rather promising. There may not be OTT girl drama or internationally acclaimed judges, yet this reality show brings me closer to home with the little red dot as the catwalk stage and local supermodel Charmaine Harn as host.
Christabel, Singapore
Yuen, Malaysia
Most contestants have modelling experience, and the ones to watch include Malaysian model Yuen, and Miss Singapore Universe runner-up Christabel Campbell, who won the first catwalk challenge on the streets of Orchard Rd.

Catch the exciting episodes every Tues and Thurs on


  1. Sounds interesting. ANTM does have the drama, but it's so ridiculous and unrealistic...I don't believe any of the winners can actually work as models from that show!

  2. Sounds good, will check it out :) Have you seen Make Me A Supermodel? The models there are much better than on ANTM (and they have male models too!)

  3. Ooh, pretty pictures. The show sounds good - I've been a fan of ANTM for years, regardless of the fact that it seems as if all of the winners are forgotten within a month of taking first place! :)

  4. Hmm definitely going to check it out :) I like your blog too hun, sure thing i'd love to exchange links! Adding you into my list in a minute! :)

  5. ooh! thanks for reminding me about this. another show to add ;)