Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spotlight: Elohim

"The label -Elohim in Hebrew means Jehovah Creative which also stands for God of Creativity."

- Designer Sabrina Goh on Elohim, during an interview with Cherry magazine

I first took notice of this young label when I heard it will be showcased during Audi fashion festival together with other upcoming brands. Elohim was created at the start of this year by Malaysian designer Sabrina Goh. Upon her graduation from Lasalle Singapore, she worked for various local brands and Sino London.
Her spring summer 09 collection will be showcased at the Blueprint 2009 featuring Blackmarket show. The entire collection is rather minimalist and understated. Silhouettes are crisp and clean, featuring well constructed vests and shift dresses. The play of textures and asymmetrical vs symmetrical structures was evident in this collection.

I particulary love the motif of LEGO. The statement accessories make the bulk of this collection of well-crafted clothes, such as the geometric lego necklaces and the lego-studded leggings. Overall this young brand has a long way to go and has the potential to develop into a full feleged pret-a-porter collection. It is currently stocked online and locally at Blackmarket and Hide & Seek.


  1. I love how androgynous the looks are. Great find! :)

  2. ooh! i like her haircut.