Saturday, May 30, 2009

Designer Spotlight: Bollywood Swatch

The collaboration between famous Swiss watchmaker Swatch and Indian fashion designer Indian fashion designer has kicked into stores. Mixed in his luxury collections of fashionable accessories are bright, contrasting and colorful combinations, intriguing forms, glammed up Bollywood, pop culture, humor and brimming over life's joy.

The collection consists of five designs: Huge In All, Giant Shimmer, Dancing Hands, Over Charm and From Within. Each encaptures the vibrant style of Manish Arora in different ways.
Below are wonderful reviews of each article, taken from GUM Trading house.

HUGE IN ALL - Swatch offers to your attention another piece of game-study of decorative materials' opportunities. Wide black strap of artificial leather of this beautiful Irony Nabab model is decorated with carved heart-like flowers, symmetrically arranged on both sides of the body. From the numeral 12 part the patterns have bright fluorescent green lime background color, and from 6 part the background is bright orange. Strap's clasp, watch's body and bezel are made of stainless steel with PVD-drawing of shining gold color. The dial of this model also calls a sense of charming delight. To indicate hours arrows, the designer used golden plated numbers (Roman for 3, 6, 9 and 12 and Arab to the rest), contrastingly distinguishing on the background of the fluorescent pink dial. With a closer examination it is seen that the background of the dial present an interlocking spiral patterns, and symbolic pink hearts. The hour and minute arrows count the time and bring their contrasting notes in the entire palette. The hour arrow is executed in green lime color, and minute arrow in blue.
GIANT SHIMMER - The unique Irony THE Chrono model has once again confirmed the flashing sense of Swatch humor. Catching the overall romantic collection's mood, the designer adorns massive bracelet's links with giant relief images of shining symbolic hearts. Bracelet, body and bezel are made of stainless steel with PVD-drawing of shining gold color. The bezel's circle is decorated with 36 white crystals. At one parallel to it on a structured red dial there is another ring of smaller size white crystals. Giant silver dollar sign with a textured decorative surface dominates on the dial. Chronograph counters do not have any numbers and divisions. These are equipped only with golden arrows on the background of almost imperceptible pattern of the dial's textured surface. The figure represents variation on the collection's heart-like flowers theme. Golden hour arrow and minute one with white light storages as well as a thin golden central seconds arrow measure the time.

DANCING HANDS - Honoring and admiring the art of dance, this fantastic motley Swatch Puzzle Motion model is covered with frames' images of hands' movements studded with jewelry. Strap-folio is decorated with a number of colorful images, each representing a hand, standing in a symbolic gesture of dance. Fingers of each hand are decorated with one or more rings, and the wrist is adorned with colorful bracelet. Clasp and watch's body are made of opaque pink plastic. The body frames the colorful dial, consisting of eight rotating disks. On the colorful background of each disk a big picture of a dancing hand decorated with jewels is again repeated. As the arrows pass the time cycle, the disks on the dial are rotating, providing a variety of combinations of colorful dancing hands. Colorful dial's range with slight variations, repeats the color on the strap watches. There are no numbers and points. Thin black hour and minute arrows count the time. In a world created by Manish Arora, dancing and the time last forever.
OVER CHARM - Hearts are always topical in the works of designer Manish Arora, therefore namely they adorn this delicious Skin model. Looking at the watches, you can always feel a romantic atmosphere and Bollywood style. Bracelet's links of stainless steel represent hearts inserted into each other. From the bracelet's links the trinkets in the form of hearts of stainless steel with inserts of transparent or colored polymer clay and crystals of white color are hanging down. Bracelet includes opaque dull plastic body of silver color. The Heart topic again appears in the center of brightly pink fluorescent dial: it is the image of another heart, covered by a flame of love. Shining silver hearts on the dial serve like watch's arrows: big hearts are 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock, and small hearts are all other hours. Short, elegant and silver hour and minute arrows are coming out of the center of another silver heart, whose image is painted on the watch's glass.

FROM WITHIN - A real lady should be a lady-vamp in a playful and tempting image not violating, however, the overall romantic collection's mood. Bracelet of the carefree light Irony Square Lady model is made of stainless steel with PVD- golden drawing. Each shining golden link is adorned with a pair of large pink crystals in the form of heart. Wide bracelet's shining path leads to the body and bezel, which are also made of stainless steel with gold PVD-golden drawing. The pink heart-like pattern symbolizing infinite love is drawn on the bezel. Turquoise-colored dial sets off a turquoise frame, and shiny steel hour arrow and minute one with rounded tips count the time.
My favourite is OVER CHARM and I really wish to get my hands on it, how about yours?


  1. This reminds me of how much I need a new watch. Like you, Over Charm is my absolute favroite! :)

  2. ooh those are cute. i like the one with the hands :)

  3. Cute! I haven't worn a watch in years, though. Heh.

  4. mmm... watches.. i've just started wearing one.. but i do tend to lean towards the more classic ones.. these are cute though

  5. SWATCH! I love Swatch watches! I also love their jewelry. Except there's no Swatch store close to my area. I'm quite jealous of my little cousin who used to live near two Swatch flagships and has a ton of Swatch watches. -_-

  6. Cute?!? I like the one with the hands?! braincells please ladies....

  7. Over Charm......its so amazing......*sigh*