Monday, July 6, 2009

Model Moment: Fashion takes double

Fashion is in a constant search for fresh faces. This time they are on the prowl for the twin factor. Identical twins, especially, look so strong together they have a certain mysterious factor in their eyes and expression. Elite’s model twins Elena and Manuela Lazic have proven this right in their editorials together. Both of them were discovered after winning 3rd place at the Elite model Look France together last year.

Teen Vogue Aug 2009
new balance
photographer: Arthur Elgort
fashion editor: Beth Fenton

D Magazine 618
Due come noi due
Photographer: Camille Vivier

Another pair to watch is Gwen and Donna Loos at WW Models. They may not be exactly identical, thus explaining their different portfolios so far. Gwen already walked for Nina Ricci and Chanel, appearing in a lacoste editorial and the Philosophy Resort 2010 lookbook. However both of them are equally cute and fresh-faced, looking a little like hybrids of Caroline Trentini and Sophie Srej.

Gwen Loos at Nina Ricci

What I wonder about is that while twin models are really interesting, what are their selling points that will make their career take flight? Or what factor determines the success of one, or the fall of the other? No one knows, for sure, perhaps it is as unpredictable as what’s in and what’s out.

source: thefashionspot


  1. you've got a nice blog. And offcourse it's great to read something about Dutch models, I am from Holland too. xxxxx

  2. Gwen and Donna Loos are gorgeous. I had never seen them before this post. They have a very bohemian/hippie vibe about them. Great feature! :)

  3. Wow, I didn't realise that the "twin factor" was the new it-thing! That's quite interesting, although strange that they both model.. the Loos sisters are so lovely!
    Great blog! xx

  4. the twins are so cute! i've never seen them before this post and i can already tell they're ones to watch for models on the rise. i bet they're going to be big.
    i wonder why twin models are in such demand now?

  5. Twins are more striking on the runway with two at the time.

    I am thinking of the twins from ANTM.. they were pretty fab

  6. Awesome outfits!! very nice pictures..

  7. Yeah the twins look the business.
    Their sense of style is amazing.

    The fashion in the photos are excellent
    The dress in Gwen Loos at Nina Ricci
    is brillant!

    Beaut xxxx
    Vintage Clothing

  8. Well, fashion without a leather seems hollow in ladies dressing. Nowadays ladies leather jackets are getting more interests.

  9. I adore the dress in Gwen Loos at Nina Ricci ! Very flattering on her skintone.

    Great fashion style !

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  11. Thanks for this. I think I am in loved with your photos :)

  12. Really great style, something we don't see too often on the streets

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